Prayer 1/1/18

God, we seek You, Abba, Father!!! We know You are the origin of all creation. We praise and lift you high above anything else in this world, God. We want to know more of You!!! Show us how to be more in You. Guide us to know what You desire us to know. Help us to find answers to those questions in the corners of our hearts, Father. We thank You for those answers. Your words says, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened unto you. We seek those answers, God. We know the only thing worthy in this world is You, Father. Your word shows us Your mighty power, God. Of healing, ministering, guiding, purifying, loving, nurturing, helping, showing, growing, believing, and always being more than enough, Lord!!! You alone are able to do anything and everything, beyond our abilities!!! We have faith in You, God!!! We know Your will is for good and we are Your precious children. Thank You for Your Love, Grace, Mercy, Hope, and, Deliverance!!! You alone are God!!! We worship You and only You, Father!!! Help us God, remove all doubt, dispare, internal conflict, and confusion. This is not of You God. We are not to dwell in darkness, but claim Your Victory, Father, in light!!! You are not the God of confusion. We ask to seek You, God. We have Your spirit to know You more. We love and bless You!!! Keep us, our families, friends, your “Church”, and Your works in us moving closer to You, Father!!! In Jesus mighty name we pray, AMEN!!!