Prayer 1/2/18

Merciful God, we are so thankful to be here God. To have a purpose in Your bigger picture. That we are apart of Your church, Your body and we all have a part in what You are doing, God. We appreciate the connections we have around us, God that are of You. We know You have a purpose in ALL things, God. Thank You for that. God we ask for patience, meekness, clarity, and perseverance in our tasks today. Help us to be better listeners and think about our responses before we speak. Help us to know You more God. Show us Your plans for our lives. Grow us closer to You, God. Bless BB, his children, his family, his friends and the people he has in his life, God. We know You are using Him for Your will to be done. Help him to see what You have in store for him and grow him closer to You in understanding, love, and grace. You are all he needs God. You are every answer he is looking for. Show him the things in his heart God that You are working in. Bless the work You are doing in him, God. We thank You for being a working God. Bless this world and the people that seek You, God. May they find You and cleave to You and only You, Father. It is in Jesus mighty name we pray, AMEN!!!