Prayer 1/3/18

Kind and gracious heavenly Father. We come to You with thanks, God. You are more than enough God and You are worthy of all glory, honor, and praise. We worship You God. Thank You for watching over us and keeping us and our loved ones safe, healthy, and willing, God. You are unceasing God. Never stopping and always working God. Thank You for having a good work started in us God and that You are not done yet. We thank You for Your purpose for our lives, Father. Even when we think we can’t do enough, You show us how special what we can do is. You don’t expect us to be You God, You just ask that we are obedient to You and Your word, God. Thank You for helping us to be obedient. Thank You for bringing us close to You, God. Bless our families, BB, our friends and the lost children of Yours in the world, Father. We pray for them and those that need You God. May they see Your strength, love, and grace. May they look to You God in their darkest hour and praise You through the storm. Bless those that are without, grieving, lost, and abandoned. Your word says You will never leave us or forsake us God and we know even in the loneliness, You are still there. Comfort them God. Give them the vision to see past there troubles, worries, doubts, and fears. For Your word tells us to put our trust in You and not to fear. We thank You for Your word and Your guiding spirit in us, Father. May we reflect Your love in everything we say and do. We love You God and bless You!!! In Jesus name, AMEN!!!