Prayer 1/4/18

God we thank You for another day, Father. We know You are the Father of light and we know You are the only thing good in us, God. We know Your plans for our lives are for good. Help us to see Your plans for our lives, God. Show us the path You have set out for us to follow. Help us to be obedient to You, God and move when You need us to move. We thank You for always knowing what we need, Father. We appreciate Your love, compassion, grace, and salvation God. You alone are worthy of glory, honor, and praise. We thank You for being a working God. For working in all things God. Heal us Father. Restore us in You, Christ Jesus. Help us to learn you more and vigilantly seek You God. You are all the answers we need. Bless the people in the world, God. May they turn away from darkness and find You God. Bless Your church, holy, spotless, and without wrinkle. Bless Your ministry here and abroad, God. Comfort Your children that are serving You in the difficult parts of the world. Keep them strong and fearless. Bless BB, our families, friends, and people we interact with. Give us the things we need that only You know God. Open up our hearts to receive You more. May they see You in us God and may Your will be done in their lives. You are not a God of mistakes and we know Your purpose has intent. We bless and love You God. It’s in Jesus’s mighty name we pray, AMEN!!!