Prayer 1/11/18

Holy Father, we are so grateful for you in our lives, God. We know You alone are God and are in control. We know, You are the only thing good in this world and without You there is nothing good in us. More of You and less of ourselves. God we thank You for being more than enough and all we could ever need. We ask for healing in all aspects of ourselves. We ask for clarity on what You require of us. We are so blessed, Father. Thank You for our health, wellness, and purpose. You have control over all things and have purpose in them, God. Show us the purpose. Help us to take away what You are wanting us to see. Grow us in everyway You need us to grow. May we always remember what the price was for our salvation. Thank You for saving us, Father. We ask for blessings, healing, faith, understanding, and a direction for ourselves, our families, and our friends. Without You we perish, God. But with You we have everlasting life. Thank you Jesus!!! We bless and love You, God. In Jesus name we pray. AMEN!!!