Prayer 1/12/18

God our Father, you are magnificent!!! You are holy and glorified!!! We are in awe of You God. You are able to do any and all things, God. Things that we don’t even have the ability to imagine or understand. We trust in You, Father. We know Your word states You are above everything. You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. You are the same today, yesterday and forever. We bless You God. We know You are a working God and have plans to prosper us. Thank You for that, Lord. You alone are God. You alone are Savior. We thank You for delivering us from the grips of the devil and for the victory. Your words says we can not be snatched out of our Fathers hands. Thank You for that and protecting us from what we thought we wanted and give us what we needed. Help us, Father. Helps us to be more like You. Help put us back together and make us a new creation in You, God. We know You are the only thing good in us. Use us Father. That we may be pleasing to You. Bless our families, friends, each other, Your church and Your ministry. Protect those that are in danger for spreading Your word. Comfort those that are grieving and lost. Show them Your greatness. Give them the hope in You, God. Thank You for doing that. In Jesus mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!