Prayer 1/18/18

Heavenly Father we come to You with thanks and humility, Father. Another day our lives have a purpose for Your will, God. We are thankful that You are able to use us, Father. May Your will be done for our lives. We pray that over us today. Your plans are good, God and we put our trust in You. The only true God, that can do all things. We are so blessed Father!!! We thank You for helping us with the things we know You see us need. We know You know us, even when we are silent. You know what ales us, what is on our minds and our hearts. May praise ever be on our lips for You, God. You have delivered us from death, God. Not just a physical death, but an everlasting spiritual death in sin. By Your stripes we are healed, by Your blood shed for us we are saved, God. Praise the name of JESUS!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Thank You for saving Your children, Father. We had no way to do it ourselves. For Your spirit in us is far greater than anything in this world. We serve You God. We pray for us to be obedient to Your word and Your will for our lives, God. We pray for success, as Your will has it be. We ask for healing over every aspect of our being, our families, friends, and Your Church, Father. We know You are a Miraculous God. You can and You will, Father. We thank You now, knowing you hear us and will provide to Your will be done. We trust only in You, God. Make us whole, God. Renew us in You, God. Help us to continue to push through the difficulties, as You are our strength. Help us to overcome the burdens of the blessings You have in store for our lives. We thank You, God for everything You are. From Glory, to Glory, Forever and Ever. In Jesus name. AMEN!!!