Prayer 1/19/18

Heavenly Father, we are so thankful you are not done with our lives. That through us You have intent and a purpose for Your glory, Father. Thank You for never leaving us, Father. Even when we think we are alone, You are still there with us. We know Your plans are for good and we thank You now God for things You have planned for our lives. We thank You God for taking us through to victory. We are victorious through You, Father. We thank You God for putting us back together. We thank You for restoring us from the effects of life, God. For what life takes away, we have been renewed in You God. We ask to strengthen our faith God. For us to know You are in control and to understand worry is not of you God. Your word says it does nothing to worry and You are an all knowing God and love your children and know what we need before we can even ask. You are a providing, Father for Your children. Thank You God. Continue to guide and strengthen us, our families, friends and Your Church God. Protect us and grow us closer to You God. We speak life over them today and everyday, God. Bless and comfort those that are lost, hurting, grieving, and in desperate need of You God. Show them Your mercy, God. Give them hope in You. For You only are God. Help us to do Your will for our lives, God and be obedient children to Your Spirit. We Love and Bless You Father. In Jesus Mighty name we pray, AMEN!!!