Prayer 1/20/18

God our Father. We are so amazed by you Father. We Love how You Love, God. You have no limit to Your abilities, Lord. You are breath taking, Jesus. We are so blessed, Father. Thank You for the people You put around us. You have purpose in everything this world can do to us, Father. Thank You for being able to work in everything, God. Not just the good, but the bad too. You are the only one worthy of glory, honor, and praise. We lift high the name of Jesus!!! We are humbled by You, Lord. We are Your children and Your servants, Father. Use is for Your will to be done. We believe and trust in only You, Father. You are above anything we have in ours lives. It’s You, God!!! You first!!! We know You are the only thing we can put our trust, love, attention, dedication, devotion, and loyalty and You are faithful God. In all aspects of our lives and even beyond this world, Father. We bless our families, friends, loved ones, Your church, and this world. We know You can do anything and everything and we thank You for doing that for the ones closest to our hearts and the ones suffering in this world without You, God. We pray for the lost. Your word says You are the Shepard that leaves the 99 to go find the 1 lost one, Father. We love how You Love God!!! May we learn to Love Your children like You do, God. Your word says what we do unto the least of Your people, we have done it unto You, Lord. Open our hearts, God!!! Pour into us!!! Give us Your vision, God. Let us see what You see!!! We bless and Love You, Father!!! Watch over us as we go through our day. May everything we say and do bring You pleasure, God. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!