Prayer 1/23/18

All POWERFUL God!!! We are in complete wonder of You, God!!! We are beyond amazed at You and what Your limitless abilities can do!!! There is no one that has more power in this existence, than You God. You have defeated death, sin, darkness and the adversary!!! He has no hold on us and no power in us, God. For He that is in us, is far greater than he that is in the world, Father. You can do any and all things, beyond our imagination, Father!!! We can’t even try to comprehend You, God. We do not possess the option to even try. We believe and trust only in You, God. You are the only God we serve!!! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!!! God, You touch our hearts and leave footprints everywhere in our lives where You carried us through it. We know You have never left is Father. You hear our cries!!! You hear our brokenness, Father!!! We know You have to bring us through things for us to gain wisdom and be able to help others with what we have been brought through with You, God!!! May our life be a testimony of how GREAT You are, God!!! How much You go to the extreme lengths to find Your lost sheep. Our Sacred Shepherd, Holy Father!!! You alone are worthy, God!!! We praise and lift high the name of JESUS!!! HOLY IS THE LAMB!!! God we come to You with a confident heart knowing You will restore us to the place You need us to be. Your will be done in our lives, our families, our friends, and Your children around the world, God. We serve a just God!!! We know that You are every answer to any situation, dilemma, sickness, obstacle, and situation. You are in control God!!! Show us the lessons, visionary, purpose, and strength in our situations. We rise out of troubles with a warriors cry of victory!!! We have not lost our fight, God!!! We are Your soldiers!!! We fight the good fight, Father!!! May we always lean on You, God. For You are our strength and joy!!! We bless and Love You, Father!!! In Jesus mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!