Prayer 1/24/18

Kind and gracious heavenly Father, we are so thankful to You, God. You have done so much for our lives. We are beyond blessed, Father. You have given us the victory over anything we could ever face in our lives, God. You are the only one worthy of all the glory, honor and praise JESUS!!! We lift You high, Lord!!! We thank You for keeping us safe and knowing what we need, God. You are a providing Father. We ask Lord that You continue the good work You started in us. Your word says You will continue that until the day of Christ. We thank You for that. Use us, Father!!! We do not want the life You have paid for to be lived in vain. We serve You God!!! We want our lives to bring You glory. Teach us to love Your children like You do God. Help us to me more like You, Father!!! We pray for each other, our families, our friends, and Your Church God. We thank You now for meeting their needs not just physical, but emotional, mental, and super natural God. There is nothing impossible for You God. You can do any and all things and we are captivated by Your Love, Grace and Mercy. You are the only thing good in this world, God. We bless and Love You!!! In JESUS Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!