Prayer 1/25/18

Our Father in heaven, we humbly come to You Lord with a grateful heart. We are in Your hand, Father. Your word says nothing can snatch us out of Your hand. You are a good, Father. Your word says You are Love, God. Not just able to give, but You in your Might are the defition of Love. You created us out of Love. Your word says we love because You first loved us. Thank You for loving us, so we may love You and others You love. We know You are the only thing good in the world, Father. We look to You, God. You have all the answers. We know that nothing of this world could be more pertinent to our life than You, Father. You alone are worthy of ALL the glory, honor, and praise for all eternity, Father!!! We know You see us, God. You hear our cry’s out to You. We desire healing Lord. We need You to put us back together the way we need to be. You have purpose in the brokenness. A broken piece of glass, reflects more light than one that has never been broken, God. We see that as us, Father. We know that we are beautiful in Your eyes with our brokenness. Help to understand Your intent for our lives, God. Grow us stronger out of the hardships. Give us the fight to push away from our thoughts and actions that are not of You, God. Your word says You will not temp us or put more on us than what we can handle. Thank You, JESUS!!! We may be pressed at times, but we will not be defeated!!! You are our victory, JESUS!!! We walk out of the stress, sickness, and dispare knowing You have already delivered us from it. We focus on the finish line, God. YOU!!! The devil has no place in our lives, our families and our friends. We cast him away in JESUS Mighty name!!! There are no strong holds that can stay. In Jesus name we command them to depart from them!!! We thank You, now God. Knowing the power of the name!!! The Great “I AM”!!! We are blood bought children of The Lord of Hosts on high!!! We will not give into the influences of the adversary. We are strong in You, God. Hold us close to You God. May we feel Your heart today and be blessed to be a blessing!!! We Praise, Love and Bless You, Father!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!