Prayer 1/26/18

Father God, what a beautiful day you have made today. We are so thankful that we are here, God. We are so thankful that we are whole in You, God. For everything we lack, we have in You. You are everything and all we could ever need, God. We are so blessed by You. Even in the things that are easily taken for granted. Our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, legs, arms, hands and feet, and health, Father. There are so many people that don’t have what we do physically, financially, and socially. We are thankful for our homes, our jobs, our bodies, our lives with friends and family, that we have resources that provide clean food and clean water, we are so fortunate, God. We are able to worship you freely without fear for our lives when going to Church, God. We know not everyone has these luxuries in their lives. May we not take for granted what You have done with us for us to have what You have so graciously blessed us with. May are eyes and hearts be opened to everything You are doing around us and through us, God. We ask for help digging into ourselves God, to remove anything that is not of You. For things we have kept in us that we may not even understand what that is, Father. Reveal those things to us, God. Help us to understand ourselves like You know us. May we be able to be naked in truth and stand strong for You, God. Help us to find peace within ourselves where You reside, God. Challenge us to continue to be more like You and less like ourselves. The devil is not allowed to have any strong holds on us, Father. We speak against those in Jesus Mighty name!!! We ask for unbinding from what he holds onto inside of us, God. We speak to what is in us and remove it from the grips of the devil. We are not ashamed, God. We are not perfect and we confess to You with our mouths our struggles, sins, bad deeds, and hurtful nature we have shown to others and ourselves. Those things that are not of You, Father. We ask for forgiveness, Father. The devil has no place in our lives, our families, our friends and Your Church, God. We rebuke him in Jesus mighty name!!! May we be renewed in You God. Today is a new beginning. Today can be the change for everything we thought we couldn’t get away from, us speaking down to ourselves, or us holding back in doubt for what You require of us, God. We speak health, renewed life, renewed spirit, and a over abounding Love to fall over us and our families right now, God!!! We are NEW in You God and every high thing must come down in our lives and every strong hold shall be broken!!! Thank You now God for Your grace and Deliverance!!! Your word says, Your Grace is enough and we walk out the victory knowing You have already done these things, through Christ Jesus!!! Thank You, JESUS!!! We praise and life You high!!! Hallelujah!!! We bless and Love You, God!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!