Prayer 2/1/18

Heavenly Father, we are so moved by You, God!!! You have given us a new life in You, Jesus. We owe You all of ourselves in whole and not in parts and pieces, God. Help us to see where we need to give more of ourselves to You, Father. Help us to remove anything in us that is not of You, in Jesus name!!! We want to be what You have intended us to be. We know that You have made each one of us unique and we our individually united in You!!! We want to be our piece to Your Body, God. We want to give and serve You with everything we say and do. Use us Father!!! We know You have purpose in everything that has led us up to the point in our lives we are. We know that You are working, Father. Your word says You have started a good work in us that You will continue to work until the day of Jesus Christ!!! Thank You, God!!! Your word also says how could we have a brother or sister in Christ that we hate in which we have seen, but love a God in which we can not see. We want to Love Your children, God. Show us how to love them as You have intended. We pray now Father for each other, our families, friends, Your Church, and the future generations to come. You are a God of future generations and past generations. We know You hear us God, and we thank You and pray that Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We rebuke the devil in the mighty name of Jesus!!! He has no place in our lives, our families and the generations to come. I pray that now, Father!!! I pray life into us God, today and everyday. May we give You all of our troubles, struggles, worries, and doubts God. We see Your vision for our lives and we walk to that point, knowing You’ll carry us there. You alone are everlastingly faithful!!! God, You are the Alpha and Omega, the begining and the end. We bless and Love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!