Prayer 2/2/18

Father God we come to You with an open heart. We desire to be in Your presence, God. We are so grateful for Your deliverance, salvation, vision, and purpose for our lives. We are here to serve You and others Father. May they see You in us. We want to be more like You, God. We want our lives to be pleasing to You, Father. Use us God!!! We don’t want to be stagnant. We desire to be moving toward You God in words, deeds, and actions. Your word says no weapon shall be formed against us. We trust You God to step out in faith for what You have put on our hearts to do. You have intent and purpose with every connection we make, God. May we be obedient to You and Your will, Father. Help us to give You everything, God. Help us to let go and let You work in us and through us. Your word says we are to serve others like You, God. We thank You now God for what You are pulling us out of. Thank You for helping with addictions, handicaps, excuses, and short comings in us. Things that we hold on to, God that are not of You. I ask now to remove those in Jesus name!!! We desire You God!!! Over everything else in our lives and in this world, Lord. Your word says we are to love you with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. We know You are working around us, in us, and through us and we are so thankful You love us, God. More than we are able to comprehend. We thank You for be a Miraculous God, a Faithful God, a Gracious God, a Loving God, and a Just God. You are Perfect, Jesus!!! We praise and lift high Your name, Jesus!!! From Glory to Glory you rein!!! Bless us and our families, friends, and Your children God. Open our hearts, minds, soul, and body to receive You and be all You desire us to be. Help us to heal and forgive when we don’t want to. Help us to not want to justify our actions or wrong done against us. Help us to love those that hurt us and spitefully use us. Help us to move into Your will for our lives, God. We pray life into all us us, today and everyday. The Joy of the Lord is our strength. We will not be weary, but sore on the wings of eagles. We will run and not be faint. Your love is everlasting, Father!!! Thank You in Jesus Mighty name!!! We bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!