Prayer 2/3/18

Thank You Lord for another day Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We seek Your presence, God. We want to know more of You, God. We are in awe of You and Your abilities, Father. You are able to do any and all things exceedingly abundantly more than our wildest dreams. What an AWESOME GOD, we serve!!! We believe only in You, God and put our trust in only You. You can make a way where there doesn’t appear to be one Lord. You have made the heavens rain manna, a rock produce water, the Red Sea to part down the middle, and raised our Savior from the dead. You are the God we serve!!! The God of Abraham and Isaac. You are the only true God and we worship You this morning, Father. Hallelujah!!! You are the GREAT “I AM” and You are LOVE!!! Thank You for being a loving Father to us as Your children and as Your body. We are forever grateful of our salvation, God. You saved us when we had no way of doing it ourselves. There is nothing good in us without You, God. Pour out over us, our families, friends, and Your children Father. We want to know You more, God. More of You and less of ourselves, Father. We pray this morning for health, healing, restoration, spiritual growth, understanding, faith, trust, and a renewed mind in You Jesus. We desire to be about Your purpose today and everyday. Bless us and keep all of us close to You, God. Your word says our names are written on Your palm and we are in Your hands and nothing can snatch us out of them!!! Glory be to God in the highest!!! Thank You, Jesus for the blood that paid the heavy price of our sins. In that, we are perfect in You!!! Your blood was more than enough for all our inperfections to be washed away and we be new in You, God. Your children need You, Father!!! We cry out Aba, Father help us to let go of ourselves and grab more of You. You are the only thing good in this world, Father. We believe, trust, and love You with all our hearts, all our mind, all our soul, and all our might!!! Your name above every name, JESUS!!! We bless, Love, and thank You Lord. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!