Prayer 2/4/18

Father God were are humbled in Your presence, Lord!!! We are forever grateful for You in our lives. May we fully understand the gift of salvation that You have given to us. We know that You are in control, God. Nothing happens without You knowing. We thank You for having a purpose in everything we go through in life, Father. That you are bringing us into maturity for what Your plans have for us. Your word says we are able to take every thought, capture it and bring it into obedience for Your will do done. We thank You for that ability, God!!! We follow You God!!! You and You alone are worthy of all glory, honor, and praise!!! We lift high the name of Jesus!!! God your word says You would rather us be hot or cold then lukewarm in You God. Your word says You will vomit us out if Your mouth. May we not be lukewarm or cold, Father in You. May we be hot and on fire for our Lord God that saved us and brought us out of damnation!!! A Father that prays for us and calls us out of darkness!!! A Father that heals, restores, and makes new in Him!!! A Father that has called us to serve and be one with Him!!! Lord we thank You for all that You have done, is doing and will do in our lives. We know Your Love is everlasting and You all everything we could ever need, God. We pray life into each other, our families, friends, Your children, and into the lost children seeking You God. We bless and love You in Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!