Prayer 2/5/18

Kind and gracious Father. We desire Your presence, God. We are humbled at You feet as Your servant, Lord. We desire to be what Your love requires of us. We are willing, Father. We are able to do Your will for our lives, Jesus. We know that everyday we are blessed with a new start to line up with You, God. We don’t want to be wasting away and not be used by You. We don’t want to look back and regret the opportunities were we could have done more for Your glory, God. We want You to have an active purpose in our lives. We are eager to listen. We want to hear You God. We want You to be directing our paths, Father. We are submitting our will today, Father!!! We don’t want to live for ourselves and be selfish. We want to live for You, God!!! In WHOLE and not in parts and pieces. Convict us God to grab hold of You unlike we have ever before and never let go of You!!! We don’t want to be cold, we want to be on fire for what You have done, are doing, and will do…not just in our lives, but in this world, God. You are the only true God we serve!!! We want our lives to honor You, Lord!!! We want to be a beacon of light in darkness. Help us to reach out and save the lost and give hope to those that are struggling. We turn their direction and life back to You, God. You are the only thing we need, they need, and the generations to come need. You are every answer, everyway, and every light. You are Perfect, God!!! We believe and trust in You alone. We don’t walk in our past, our mistakes, our old habits, and actions. We declare a new way today. In Jesus name we shed all the old ways and today we start a new journey in You, God. We see the victory and keep our eyes on You as You walk with us through the battle to get to the end. We thank You now God for bringing us to the finish line. Better, stronger, wiser, and more knowledgeable of You God!!! Our heart desires to know You more God!!! Help us to grow and walk up right with You. We are not ashamed of our God. We praise the name of JESUS!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! God continue to have Your hand over us, our families, friends, and Your children near and far. We pray over them for healing, strength, rejuvenation, spiritual growth, and deliverance from what they have not let go or what the devil has a hold in them. We rebuke the devil in Jesus name!!! He has no place in their lives and we know You word declares every strong hold shall be broken and every high thing must come down. The chains are falling God. Thank You for Your great work in us and Your finished work on the cross, Jesus!!! We serve a loving and compassionate God!!! We bless and love You, Lord!!! In Jesus, mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!