Prayer 2/6/18

Holy Father, we are in awe of You, God!!! Of Your magnitude, Your Magnificence, Your Glory, Your Mercy, Your Grace, and Your abounding Love for Your children and Your Bride, Father!!! You alone are worthy of all honor and praise, Jesus!!! You have paid the price for us to be forgiven and washed in the blood of Jesus Christ!!! How GREAT a price that was paid for us as sinners, God. The spotless lamb, the Son of the most High God!!! We didn’t deserve Your love God, but You gave it freely for us to receive. We receive that now, Father and thank You for saving us when there was no way for us to be saved. May our lives through You God, bring You glory Father. We want to serve You and give all of ourselves to You, God!!! Help us to let go of what we are still holding on to that we feel is to much to let go. That we have become accustomed to with what we have known. May we be open to receive more of You God and less of ourselves and learn to let go. May we be new in You, God and praise ever be on our lips for what You have done, are doing, and will do for us, Father!!! We know You know our hearts and us, God. You stitched us together before our mother even knew us. You are our Father!!! Heal, restore, and replenish what was lost God. We ask for You to intervene in our lives, God!!! We want our path to be what You have planned for us, God. We pray now for each other, our families, friends, and Your children. We pray life, encouragement, reconciliation, direction, and forgiveness in them and through them. May they be a reflection of You, God in everything they say and do. We rebuke the devil and his cunning tongue. He has no power here in our lives, our families and the generations that have yet to come, in Jesus Mighty name!!! He is a defeated foe and we walk on top of him coming up and out of dispare, hopelessness, depression, unforgivingness, blindness, sickness, hard heartedness, and the thought that we are unloved and not worth love. You sent Your only son in Love!!! You are LOVE God!!! We bless, serve, and love you God. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!