Prayer 2/7/18

Heavenly Father, we are so grateful to You God for not giving up on us and being patience with us as we strive to be Your sons and daughters You have intended us to be. We know that You are in control God and we cast all of our concerns, worries, difficulties, short comings, inperfections, addictions, and selfish tendencies on You God and we take in You, God!!! We know You are the one that saves, Jesus!!! We ask that You continue to save us from ourselves. Help us to not be so critical, abusive, and self destructive to ourselves. We are not perfect God. You are the only one that is perfect, HOLY FATHER!!! We cry out to You!!! Help us to see ourselves like You do God!!! Help us to see that never ending Love You have for us!!! We want to see us from Your eyes, Jesus!!! Grow us out of ourselves and into Your arms, Jesus!!! You are our strength, comfort, courage, success, love, joy, hope, forgiveness, and Your grace is more than enough for us to walk out any and ALL things in Your name Jesus!!! We speak life into us, our families, friends, and Your child Father. We pray that You make a way where we don’t see one, God. You alone are able to do any and all things, exceedingly abundantly over anything our minds could ever conjure up!!! MAGNIFICENT GOD!!! You are everything we need and all we strive for!!! You God have a purpose and a place for us. We hold on to that today, God. We know in our hearts that You have intent that is not for harm, but for good works through us, Father. We believe and trust only in You God!!! And in Your unfailing Love, Grace, and Mercy!!! We bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!