Prayer 2/12/18

Our Loving Father in heaven we call upon Your presence today, Lord. We desire You God!!! We want to know You more!!! God You are above everything in this world and everything in existence!!! You were before everything was to be. We marvel at Your Greatness!!! We look with the eyes You made for us, to see Your beautiful creations around us!!! Things in our paths and people You have placed there. We know You have a purpose for everything and we trust You, God!!! We know You desire more of us, God and I pray You have that in us today, Father!!! We want to be everything You desire from us. We are here to serve You, God!!! May we not take for granted the things You have so graciously provided and provisioned for us, Father. Our bodies are Yours. You have made us unique and with intent. All of our features, senses, abilities and uses Father. You know every hair on our body and every inch of our being, internally and externally. How unfathomable You are, God!!! We are forever seeking You Father. We want to be strong in faith and bring Your word to people. Thank You for making us strong in You and in the storms that You have brought us out of. You gave us hardships so we could learn to overcome. If we didn’t have struggles and insecurities we wouldn’t need You God. We would believe in our own abilities and not give You the glory, Father. I rebuke that thought process in us today, God. You are growing us closer to You and in all we have we owe to You God. We were not able to do anything good. Your word says not a one of us or anything in us could do good. But with You God we have greater than anything in this world and far more than we could ever imagine. You gave us the most priceless gift of SALVATION!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! Your blood washed us white as snow!!! Anything that would have kept us from getting to You God was broken that moment You gave Your only Son for us. How Great You are!!! You are LOVE, God!!! Your word tells us, we have the ability to love because You first loved us. Thank You for gifting us the ability to love one another!!! We know You desire us to show Love more than anything else. May we be pleasing to You, God in everything You have intended for our lives. Allow us to line up with Your will, Father. I pray that we give You everything and give up everything to walk with You God. I pray that also for our families, friends, future generations and Your children Father. I pray that we surrender to You, God. You are able to do all things, exceedingly, abundantly more than anything we could ask, think, or even imagine. Thank You, Jesus!!! You are The Way, The Truth, and The Life!!! Holy Father!!! Thank You for being a promise keeper and not leaving us or forsaking us. We Bless and Love You God!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!