Prayer 2/13/18

Father God we worship You!!! We give all the glory, honor and praise to You, JESUS!!! You are everlasting and never changing. You are who is, who was, and who is yet to come, the Almighty God of the most high!!! We are humbled in Your presence, Father. We desire a relationship with You. We want to know Your voice, Father. We want to be obedient to Your will for our lives. More of You and less of ourselves. We want to be pleasing to You, God. Thank You for being able to use broken and inperfect people for Your will, God. We want You to use us. We do not want to be stagnant and not able to produce. Challenge us, Father to seek You in everything we do. You want us to go to You before we have a problem or decision. You want us to seek the answers in You, God. I pray we go to You first God so You are able to prepare our paths. We trust You and believe in Your exceeding greatness over everything in this world. For You alone are Creator of heaven and Earth!!! And all things there in, are under Your control. Merciful God!!! We thank You for Your forgiveness and we confess with our mouth our wrong and know that You will help us when we ask of You, God. Bless our families, friends and Your children God. We know You can make a way where there seems to be none. We know that You can do miraculous things. We ask You to do that in, with, and through us, our families, and friends. You are the God we serve!!! You are El Shaddai!!! We Thank, Bless and Love You God!!! You are faithful beyond measure!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!