Prayer 2/14/18

Father God we come to You in complete surrender. We are humbled in Your presence Lord. We are submitting ourselves to You God. We know You are God and above everything else there is in this world. Thank You for knowing us so completely that You have us mapped out in detail. You know everything there is to know about our bodies, or minds and our hearts, God. You alone know that about us. We know that You are able to do all things. We ask that You piece us together for what You need us to be, Father. We desire that for our lives, our families, friends and Your children. We want to be complete in You and thank You now for doing that in us. Grow our faith in You God. Show us how to do that and how to remove things that are not of You from us so we can have more of You. We don’t always know how to do those things, but You do Father. We call upon You and give You ourselves so You can continue Your work in us, through us and with us God. We are not perfect, Father. But You can still use us and mold us into what Your plans have. Bless the people around the world God that are suffering, lost, abandoned, desperate, and broken. You word says You will not leave Your children orphaned and You are always there. Show them Your presence God. Reveal Yourself to them that they may know a faithful loving God. Help them to open there hearts to You God. We pray for restoration and rejuvenation in there lives. That a transformation will take place in their lives, through You God. We know that You can work in all things and we are so blessed that You have never left us God. We ask for Your hand over us and our relationships, Father. Help us to be more like You. We bless and love You, God. In JESUS MIGHTY name we pray. AMEN!!!