Prayer 2/16/18

God we are here for Your will be done and to bring You glory Father. Father we know that You alone are God and You are the only thing we need in our life. You are Greater than everything else, God. You are the one that conquered death and is our Savior. You are the God of miracles and the Creator of everything in this universe. How Great Tho are, God!!! You have fashioned us in Your imagine, Father with such intricate detail. We are precious to You, Father. You took time in creating each one if us and giving us different features, strengths, and weaknesses. How wonderful Your work, God. Your word says You have good works started in us that You will continue to work in, until the day Christ returns. We are so humbled that You the God of heaven and Earth and all existence could use us. Sinful, disobedient, hurtful and broken people God. How marvelous You truly are that You would save us and have anything good with us. We are honored to serve such a merciful, loving, nurturing, healing, restoring, and never failing Father. God You are able to do any and all things and You are able to work in everything. We know You are growing us in faith, love, hope, and prosperity. We are Your servants and we submit our will to You God. We desire to serve out Your will for our lives. Help us to be bold and on fire for You Jesus. We are to be salt and light in the world. We want to show people that You are in us, Father. The only thing we have that is good, is You. We are a new creation in You. We walk that out today, God. And we rebuke the devil’s lies in Jesus Mighty name!!! He has no place in our lives, our families, Your children, or the future generations of these families that are not here yet, but in existence in heaven with You, God. We pray that no strong hold will be against us. No bondage will exist, nothing we could ever do could separate us from Your Love, Father!!! Your grace is more than enough for us to conquer everything and anything in and out if this world. Supernaturally You are still God!!! We pray that today and walk in victory through our Lord, Jesus!!! We are over comers and we are everything You need us to be at this point in time. May we be ever pleasing to You and what our life represents for the plans You have for us. We bless and love You Lord!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!