Prayer 2/17/18

Magnanimous God!!! We are humbled by Your presence Lord. We know that You only are God. We serve a loving, just, faithful, all abounding, never failing, and miraculous God!!! You God are Creator of everything and King above all Kings!!! We worship You God!!! GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!! Jesus we know You are the way, the truth, and the life. We know that without You we could not get to the Father. We are thankful to You beyond measure. We ask that our lives be pleasing to You in everything we say and do. We desire to be more like You. We pray that You are able to remove in us that which is not pleasing to You, Lord. So our lives can bring You glory!!! God we ask that You bless and comfort these families that have recently lost loved ones in a horrific tragedy. We know that You can work in all things God. Help these grieving families know that You haven’t left them Father. You are their strength in times of loss and difficulties. We ask for You to restore in them what this event has taken away. Not just the ones that have lost, but the ones that endured the actions of this also. We know that You are able to do all things, God. Nothing is beyond You, Lord. We speak life into them Father. And into our families, friends, and Your children today and everyday. We pray a special prayer for BB God and what You are able to do with, in, and through him, Father. I know that he is your son and my brother in Christ and I ask that You reveal to him Your plans for his life that he may have a vision and a direction for what Your will has for him. I pray that he is able to over come his struggles and we thank You now for bringing him up and out in victory, God. We pray for clarity, understanding, and growth in all areas of his life, Father. We know that You are in control and everything You have in our path will bring about purpose. We thank You for his life and what he has done for other people. He is such a caring, loving, strong, and selfless person and is truly a blessing to my life and the ones around him. We ask Father that You watch over us today. Continue to keep us close to You. Thank You for Your promises and Your plans for us. We bless and love You. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!