Prayer 2/19/18

Glorious God, we are in awe of You, Lord!!! We know and believe that You only are God. We know that Your thoughts, abilities, and actions go beyond our ability to comprehend You. We are humbled at Your Greatness, Father. You are able to bring life out of death. You can restore and renew God. There is nothing impossible for You!!! Praise Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! God we come before You with our hearts open and ready to receive You today God. We desire Your presence, Father. We know that what we struggle with You are bigger than that. We give it to You, God. We know that wither it’s addictions we struggle with, health related issues, self destructive thoughts and actions, or us just doubting what Your plans are for us, God. We rebuke that in Jesus Mighty name!!! We know that You have already paid the price for us to be a new creation in You, God. One that Grace covers all!!! We accept Your Grace today, Father and believe in our hearts that we are not the same person we were yesterday. And anything that we face in our lives You have already brought us out of in victory. We come up from hardships with a warriors cry of over coming. We pray that You will continue to comfort these families that have lost their children in this tragic shooting, God. We ask that Your arms be around these families and friends that are affected by this event. I know we don’t understand the purpose in life for such horrible things that happened, but as believers we know that You work in the good and bad things. We know You are working in this God. We pray Father for a renewing of our minds today. We want to think Kingdom thoughts. May our focus be ever more on You, God. Your word says we are able to bring every thought we have and capture it and bring it under obedience to Your will God. Help us to do that in our lives. Show us how to exercise self control throughout our existence. To be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger. Help us to forgive the people in our lives that wronged us. Not just the ones that are still present in our lives, but also the ones that are not in our lives anymore. Help us to dig inside of ourselves to bring out anything that is not pleasing to You or that is not of You, God. Any bitterness we harbor, unresolved pain inside us, traumatizing event that may have fallen on us, inperfections of what we are not, unforgivingness of ourselves and others, regret for things we wanted to do different, or anything that is holding us captive so that we are not able to rise up and step out in faith for Your will to be done, God. We pray in Jesus name for it to be done!!! We ask that we be loosed from those things now!!! And we thank You, knowing You have done this for us already. We desire to know You more, God. We want our lives to bring You glory!!! Bless our families, friends, and Your children God. We ask that You bring about movement in their lives. You desire movement and not for us to be stagnant. You have good works in us God that call us out to bring others into Your, Love. We trust only in You, God and we thank You now for doing these for us. We Bless and Love you God. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!