Prayer 2/20/18

Holy Father, we are humbled in Your Mighty presence. We submit ourselves before You, God. We marvel at Your ever amazing magnitude of power and strength. We honor You today, Father. We know that You have gifted us life and creation of heaven and Earth. We are grateful to You alone. You are a God that works in all things and all areas of our life. We welcome You to come in us Father to work in, with, and through us. Our lives are here for Your glory, God. There is nothing good in us without you, God. You are molding, sculpting, and shape shifting us and we are thankful in You having a purpose in that. That You are working us to be Your intentions and lining up Your will for our lives. You are a never changing, God. You are the same today, yesterday, and forever. You do not waiver in anything we see, feel, or think. You go beyond this existence and into supernaturalism that is out of our capabilities of understanding. How Awesome You are, God!!! Nothing is to Great, to Big, or to Impossible for You to move!!! You alone are God and we worship You, Father!!! We know that You have us where we are for a reason and we ask to know more of You God. To be ever seeking You and Your Kingdom. To go to You first, before we try and figure out our decisions. We ask, Lord that You guide us as we walk out our victory, in You. Help us to not waiver from what You have instilled in us with Your spirit. We only need You, God. You word declares, if You be for us then who could be against us!!! Your plans are for good and not to harm us. We are brave, courageous, and strong with Your will being done through us, Mighty God. We don’t need validation from anyone, but You God. If You called us, we will Go. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. God we know that You are all knowing and You know the hearts of our loved ones around us and their needs, desires, dreams and ambitions. We ask You to provide these things for our families, friends, and Your children Father. We know You are faithful to give us what we need. You are a providing God to your children. We thank You now in faith God knowing You will come through in these areas we pray for. Bless these people and families God that are in a dark place right now due to tragedies, illnesses, and circumstance. We know that You are able to deliver them out if it with intent and purpose, God. We pray that over them today. We ask that You bring about change in their lives, God. That they will have an awakening of mind, body and spirit. That in You God they have endless possibilities and an abundance of opportunities!!! We know even when we can’t see it, Your working. Thank You, God for Your never failing Love for us!!! We bless and Love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!