Prayer 2/21/18

Kind and Gracious Father, we come to You God in thanks. We thank You, God!!! We thank You!!! We thank You!!! We know that You saved us for a reason. We are here for a reason. You created life for a reason. We know that through You God nothing is beyond Your abilities. We praise and lift high the name of JESUS!!! Glory be to God!!! Hallelujah!!! God You are Great!!! You are Love!!! We desire to be in Your presence, Father. We want to know more of You. You have brought us out of death and into life. We are ever seeking Your will for our lives. We want to be more like You, God. Help us to show people You in us. Help us to not forget the heavy price that was paid for our salvation, God. Your Son Jesus died for us, Lord. We can’t fathom the depth of sacrifice that was for You, but we know You did it out of Love. We thank You, God for making a way to save us. There was not way for us to do it ourselves. Gracious, Merciful, Loving God of heaven and Earth!!! Lord we are blessed!!! We thank You for the gifts You have given us, the bodies we have, the abilities You have so graciously given us, and life after death Father. We thank You God for being able to make a way for us when there doesn’t seem to be one. For gifting us the faith that we know You can and You will Father. We do not see anything bigger than You, God in existence. We open our hearts to You, God. We submit ourselves to You, God. Help us to bring anything in us that is not pleasing to You up and out of us so we can bring You glory, God. We desire to give You glory. Heal us, God. Restore us, Jesus. Make a new creation in us today for what we didn’t allow You to do in us yesterday. We are the children of the most high, God. We honor You today God. We worship You!!! You and nothing else, Father!!! We ask that You work in us, our families, friends, and Your children God. We may not know what ales them or what they are in desperate need of, but You do God. You do. You are all knowing beyond our wildest imagination. You are able to help them God where they can’t help themselves. We pray that today God. We pray for You to move in them. To create more in them through You, God. We pray life into them and the people they come in contact with, and the generations of them that are still in heaven, we pray for. We are a God fearing family and we know the devil is a lie. We rebuke him in Jesus Mighty name!!! He is not able to take Your children from You hands, Father. We thank You for Your guidance and protection, God. We know that You will help us and we thank You now because You are faithful to Your word, God. We thank You for Your spirit in us. We thank You for that guiding light. We know You work in all things God and You are able to turn any circumstance around. We pray life into each other and our loved ones today, Father and everyday in Jesus Mighty name we pray. We bless and love You, Father. Forgive us where we have fallen short and pick us up in victory today. For Your never failing mercy, God. Your word says everyday Your mercy is renewed. Thank You, Jesus!!! AMEN!!!