Prayer 2/22/18

Father in heaven we come to you with praise!!! We lift high the name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God in the highest!!! We are so grateful for what You have done, are doing, and will do in our lives, Father. We believe and trust only in You. For Your word declares that You are the living water. In You we will thirst no more and have ever lasting life with You. Thank You Jesus!!! You want us planted, God. Plant us in You God and in Your Church. We have a part in Your Body as Your Bride. To be without spot or blemish. Grow us into that image of what Your expectations are. We know that You are the same today, yesterday, and forever. We stand on Your truth and know that it is unchanging through the difficulties and world evolving into a anti Christ direction. You are a God that can work in chaos. You are a God that can work in any and all situations and circumstances. You alone are God and worthy of all the glory, honor, and praise. We know the devil is a lie and he wants our heads wrapped up into things of this world and not in You, Father. But greater is He that is in us, then he that is in the world. We rebuke the devil in Jesus Mighty name!!! The devil no longer has a hold on us through our past, our mistakes, and our insecurities. We have been removed from bondage, from captivities, from darkness, from shame and from our inperfections. We are perfect in You, God. Perfect in Your, Love Father. Because of what You have done for us, God. You saved us from eternal damnation, with no way out. Your Love for us made a way for us to get back to Your Grace, Father!!! Praise Jesus!!! Lord You are all the answers we seek. You are the way, truth, and the life. We have to go through the Son to get to the Father. We know that Jesus is the doorway. Thanks be to God!!! You are moving in us, Father and we desire more of You. We believe and trust in You, Father. Help us to continue to push forward seeking You, Your will, and Your Word God. Thank You for Your word, Your Holy Spirit, and Your will Father. Heal us Lord. Restore us in not just a physical state, but emotional, mental, and supernatural. We want to be made new in You God. We give our life as a living sacrifice for Your Glory!!! We honor You today Lord and celebrate the life that You have so generously and beautifully made for us. We thank You for each other, our families, friends, and Your children Father. We know that You are all knowing and even when we don’t know what to pray for, You can work in our faith that You are working in those things when we give them to You. We place them in Your hands today, God where they can not be removed and we thank You now for working all things in their life for good. You are marvelous, amazing, and magnanimous God!!! We thank You for Your gift of Love Father. May we show Your love through us. Father we thank You for being our counselor and provider. You can and will make a way where we can’t see one. You are a Way Making God. Hallelujah!!! You are bringing us into maturity and we know that has us going through things to get it. Thank You for the journey, God. For the purpose filled path we are on right now. You have placed us here and we trust You. Continue to grow us closer to You, God. We bless and love You!!! In JESUS Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!