Prayer 2/23/18

Gracious Father in heaven. We come before You God with such gratitude for what You have been doing in the world and in our lives. We desire more of You God and less of ourselves in everything we do, help us to seek You first. We know that You are the only thing good in this world. Holy Father!!! You are the only one deserving of glory, honor, and praise!!! We lift high the name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! God we know You are making us whole in You and bringing us about ourselves. We thank You for bringing us out of confusion, guilt, shame, and depression. We know we are not perfect God. Forgive us for not showing You though us in everything we do, Lord. We are still walking out things of the flesh and desire You to move in us God. Your word says we are not to be tempted past what we are able to resist. May our lives bring You glory, Father. We want to be pleasing to You in our purpose You have for us here. Life is not meant to be easy. It has a purpose, solely to bring You Joy. We ask that You continue to work in us God, healing us physically, mentally, emotionally, and supernaturally. You are able to work in all things, God. We give ourselves away!!! You have all of us, God!!! We are your humble servants, ready and willing to perform Your will. If You be for us than who could be against us!!! We step out in faith God knowing You are working. May we continue to be obedient and not resist Your plans for our lives. We are courageous in You, Jesus!!! Thank You for Your Word, Your Helper, the Holy Spirit, and Your Grace. We take all of ourselves, our worries, troubles, situations, circumstances, and anything we have in us God and we lay it at Your feet. You are in control God. You are all knowing and never failing. Bless us, our families, friends, and Your children God. We know that You can and You will for their lives and the generations to come. We speak life into all those mentioned today and everyday, Father. Heal and restore them to all You desire them to be, in every way possible. Keep us in the valley God. More of You and less of ourselves, Lord Jesus!!! We know You are working, even we can’t see it God. PRAISE JESUS!!! We bless and Love You Father!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!