Prayer 2/24/18

Father God, You are so amazing!!! You are just astounding, Lord!!! You are the Creator of heaven and Earth. We are so thankful to You for our lives, God. We are ever seeking You God in everything we do. We put You above everything else in our lives, Lord. We know that You have to teach us how to go in life. Just like a Father to their children and we are trusting in You, Father to rear us up in the way You need us to go. We desire more of You God!!! Help us to be obedient to everything You require of us. Help us to accept all of Your children and forgive those that have mistreated, used, and abused us. Your word says if we won’t forgive others, You won’t forgive us. We want to be forgiving. We want to bless Your children and pray for the ones that are lost and struggling, Lord. We don’t want to work against Your word. We pray for control over our minds. May our thoughts be ever pleasing to You and be ever seeking You God. We want to feel Your presence, Lord. We need Your presence, God. We want to feel close to You, that we may hear Your voice in our hearts. We pray for restoration of not just our health in body and mind, but for our spiritual growth in You. We need to be growing, learning, and changing God. You are a purposeful God!!! Everything in this world You can work in. Thank You for working in us!!! Thank You for bringing us out in victory, Father. Praise JESUS!!! God our lives are not our own to do what we will with them, we belong to You God. May we remember the price that was paid for our salvation!!! We are Yours, God!!! Bless our families, loved ones, friends, and Your children God in this world going about the Father’s business. Glory be to God!!!We know even when we think we are in a bad or dark place, You are there God. You are working in those events and times of our lives. Your word declares You will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you, JESUS!!! We bless and love You God!!! We speak life into each other and the people around us, God. In JESUS Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!