Prayer 2/25/18

Kind and Gracious Father we come to You with a grateful heart. We are so blessed by You Father. We are overwhelmed with Your love, Jesus!!! We are humbled at Your presence, Lord!!! Reveal more of You in us, God. Show us more, God. We want to know more of You. Help us to be merciful. Help us to be gracious. Help us to be loving. Help us to be kind to those that hurt us, God. We struggle with our flesh God. With our emotions and feelings. Help us to move in Your will without putting our emotions before Your will. We pray for You to help us to overcome temptations. Your word says You will not temp us past our ability to resist. Thank You, Jesus!!! Your word declares that if we diligently seek You, we will find You. We desire to find You, God. We are moved by You, Lord. Thank You for what You are doing in, with, and through us, Father. May the people we come in contact with see Your love in us. Make us whole, God. Put us back together with entirety. Show us the areas of ourselves that we need to open up and let You in. We do not want to hold on to anything in us that is not of You. We ask it to be removed in Jesus Mighty name!!! The devil has no hold or holds us in bondage, God. We are washed clean by the blood. We plead the blood, Jesus!!! God bless BB, Lord. Open up his mind to know the things of You God. Open up his heart that he may receive You in whole. Touch Him, Lord like only You can. Restore in him what was taken away, God. Pour out over him in such an abundance that he is overwhelmed in Your presence, God. Be his Father God. Reveal in Him Your purpose. Give him clarity over the things of his heart. Bless him Father. Bless his family and friends. Give his daughters life in You, God. Heal them in everyway. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and supernaturally. You are able to do any and all things, God. You can heal wounds that are deeper than what they can see or even deeper then they may know. We thank You for healing them and the plans You have for their lives. They are here for a purpose, God. Grow them into that purpose. Prepare them for Your purpose. Bless the people they come in contact with. May that have an impact that is Godly on them. We thank You now God for answering our prayers. Bless his parents that they may have a revelation of Your Love and You are able to move in them, God. Move in them so strong that there is a change in their lives that bring You glory. Restore them to the place You desire them to be. Bless his brothers and sisters. Give them a vision for their families and for their lives. Touch them God, that they may know You more. Give them the desires of their hearts. Put them back to where You love is. Grow in them, Lord. Make a way where there was no way. You are able to do any and all things!!! We thank You now God!!! In Jesus name we call these things, DONE!!! You are everything we need God and all our answers!!! We bless and love you dearly!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!