Prayer 2/28/18

Lord Jesus, we come to you with praise!!! We lift high the name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! God we know that You are before anything else in this world and in our lives. We know that You are able to do above anything and everything we could ever imagine. You are magnanimous!!! You are marvelous!!! You are God of heaven and Earth!!! We know we are here for a purpose God and we desire to know that purpose. We want to be closer to You, Father. We want to know Your ways. We want to be what Your purpose and will intends for us to be. We give ourselves away, God. So You can use us. More of You and less of ourselves. Pour out over us, God. We desire Your presence!!! We want to be ever pleasing to You, God. We want our lives to reflect Your Glory!!! May we be bold and courageous when You call us to purpose. Your word declares, if You be for us, then who could be against us, in Jesus name. We pray for restoration in a supernatural way, Lord. We want to be whole in You, God. For greater is He that is within us, then he that is in the world. We want to reflect Your Greatness!!! We have the resurrection power of Christ in us!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! Glory to God!!! Lord, we pray for the sick, homeless, needy, and the lost. We know that You can work in all things God and we pray in faith knowing that You will hear and answer our cries out to You. Bring about change in their lives Father. Heal them in every way, Father. Show them Your love and mercy. Bring them into a new life with You. Give them hope in a new day, and rejoice for what You are doing, God. We pray for each other, our families, and our friends. The devil has no place in their lives, Father. We rebuke the devil is Jesus mighty name!!! No strong holds, no addictions, no self destructive mentalities, no guilt or shame, or inperfections can hold them back from Your purpose, God. We know that You are able to deliver them from themselves, Father. Thank You for delivering them, God. Thank You for being all they need. Thank You for Your love and grace Father. We walk out in victory for what You are bringing us out of. We praise You in the storm and lift You high for bringing us out with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. We have to go through things, God in order for us to gain the wisdom You need us to have in You. We see Your purpose. We grow in Your purpose. We believe in Your purpose, God. Bless Your holy name, Jesus!!! We love you God!!! You only we serve and worship!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!