Prayer 3/1/18

Loving Father, we are so grateful to You, God!!! You have done the unfathomable for our lives. You have brought us out of darkness and into the light, Your light Jesus. You were able to give us a new life and make us a new creation in You, God. We are beyond blessed for You love, kindness, grace and mercy!!! You have given up the most priceless possession in Your house Lord. You gave Your only begotten son so even though we were dead in trespasses and sins, we were gifted everlasting life through our Savior Jesus Christ!!! Glory to God!!! Father we are in awe of You and Your ability to possess all things in existence. We have nothing in our lives above You, Lord!!! Your word shows us Your Greatness and truth. You are the God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that sent down fire for Elijah and consumed the offering that was soaked in water to show You are the only true God of this world. Glory to God!!! Your word declares there is no where we could hide or run and You not be there, God. May we be ever pleasing to You, God. We owe You our life, Jesus. May we live that out as a sacrifice to You. Open our hearts, God that we may know You more. May we die to ourselves everyday to bring You glory. We praise and lift high the name if Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! There is nothing good in us, without You God. Bring us closer to You and Your will for our lives. We desire Your presence, Father. We pray over BB, God. Show him your Love, Lord. Show him Your mercies, God. Show him Your plans for his life. May he not doubt Your voice when You call upon him, God. Help him to pick up his cross and follow You, God. Restore in him wholeness, wellness and purpose. Breathe new life into the very essence of his soul, Father. Make a way for his life where there doesn’t seem to be one. Give him the desires of his heart and reveal Your plans in him. Remove anything in him that is not of You God. Bless his family and keep them close to you, God. You are able to do any and all things and we know You can and You will for those that follow You. We pray over his family God. Help them with their flesh, mind, and emotions. Heal them Father. Help them to forgive others and themselves. We remove any strong holds or addictions the devil may be using to keep them from Your purpose, God. We rebuke the devil in Jesus Mighty name!!! We thank You now for deliverence for them, Father. Restoration for them, God. For a new life in You with them, Jesus!!! We believe and trust only in You!!! Your plans are for good and now to harm us. Praise Jesus!!! God You are all we need, and every answer to every problem we will ever face in our lifetime!!! We worship You, God!!! We are ever seeking You, Father!!! May we be a light in the world for You glory!!! JESUS!!! We thank You!!! We bless and love you, God!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!!