Prayer 3/11/18

Kind and loving Father in heaven. We marvel at Your Greatness, God!!! And Your unfailing and relentless pursuit of our hearts, God!!! You left the 99 to go out and find that one. Us, Father. You set out to find us. You are so patient, gentle, and kind, God!!! You have carried us through some of the toughest things we have had to face in our lives, but You never left or forsaked us!!! Glory to God!!! Jesus, You are the “Great I Am”, You are the way the truth and the life, You are the doorway to the Father. No one gets to the Father without going to you first. Hallelujah!!! We worship You this morning God. We praise and lift high the name if Jesus!!! God there is nothing Impossible for You!!! Please help us to not put You in a box God and be narrow minded, just because we can’t see everything You are and what You are doing. Reveal in us the unfathomable possibilities You hold for our lives. Praise Jesus!!! You are able to do any and all things and we believe and trust only in You, God!!! You above everything else in this world. We are in this world God, not of it. We are set apart as salt and light to be a beacon of the light of Christ in us. We can do nothing good without You, God. There is nothing good in us without You. Jesus we love You and thank You for Your loving sacrifice for everlasting life in You!!! You paved a way for us to be reunited with our creator. Washed in Your blood we are clean and a new creation!!! Glory to God!!! We pray for each other, our families, Your children Father that are lost, Your Church and we bless and Love You, God. In Jesus mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!