Prayer 3/12/18

Father God, we love You Lord!!! We are so blessed by You!!! We come to you with a thankful heart, a grateful attitude and outlook for what You are doing in our lives. God we know that You are above everything in the world and know our lives before they have even reached that point. We pray God for You to continue to bring us closer to You and open our hearts to receive You more Father. Thank You for Your patience in knowing we have to struggle through our will in order to do Your will, God. We have to die to ourselves everyday to be what Your will has for us. We ask for Your help in us being obedient to You. Help us to not hesitate, question, or doubt when You are asking us to listen. We want to hear Your voice God. We desire that relationship with You. We seek You first, Lord. We know that You are able to do any and all things and we cast our worries, our ambitions, our desires, and our concerns up to you God. You are more than enough for every need we have. You are such a loving God and a providing Father. We praise Your name Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! You are the way maker that gave us salvation. Thank You, Jesus!!! We thank You for deliverence and grace!!! We are victorious through You, Lord!!! No weapons form against us will prosper. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, Father. We have the resurrection power of Christ in us!!! Hallelujah!!! He that is in us, is far greater than he that is in the world!!! We pray Father asking for You to look into the hearts and minds of BB and his family, God. I know You know what they need before we even ask. We pray over that need today, God. We pray for a supernatural movement in them God through You. We ask for guidance, comfort, strength, clarity, restoration, healing, understanding, and love in their lives. We pray for them to have wholeness in You God. We pray for them to have Your hands and feet for Your will be done in their lives. On Earth as it is in Heaven. Lord, we call out to You, for all their needs to be met. We thank You in Jesus name for bringing that into fruition. We trust in You, Jesus. We know that You hear us and You alone are able to turn everything around for good and work in all things. We bless and Love You, Father!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!