Prayer 3/13/18

Magnificent Father in heaven we are amazed with You and Your abilities, Lord. We look at all the things that are under Your reign, Father. You over see everyone and everything going on in the world and beyond it. Down to the most intricate details of scratches and bruises to sickness and death. There is nothing that is hidden from Your site. No thought, no choice, no decision, and no action is blind to Your all seeing eyes, God. We are naked to You God. There is nothing we could not expose that You don’t already know about us. We are not hidden from You God, even when we feel like Your not looking or paying attention. You are a over abounding loving, ever watchful protector of Your children, Father. Even when we are the ones You are protecting us from. We come to You in all that we are, in sin, in transgressions, in perfections, in vulnerabilities, in unworthiness, and in our insecurities. We hide nothing from You, God. We confess all of us to You, so You can fill us up with Your forgiveness, Your mercy, Your grace, Your Love, Your companionship, Your counseling, Your guidance, and Your strength. Praise Jesus!!! Glory to God!!! Lord, Your ways are above our ways. Your thoughts above our thoughts. We humble ourselves in Your greatness Father. We do not think that You, God Almighty, has limitations or boundaries. You are beyond EVERYTHING!!! You are the very essence of life and existence, even in the outer most part of this universe. Thank You, God!!! We are Your creations. One You have a agape, sacrificing Love for. You gave us life, when we were dead God. You made us a new creation in Your son, Jesus!!! We are not who we we’re before we knew You. The devil is a lie!!! We are not worthless, undeserving, and wretched. Through You we are loved, forgiven, and washed in the blood of a new life. Jesus, we want BB to see how precious he is to You. Open his eyes, open his heart and reside in him. Show him what Your love looked like on that cross for his life You died for him. You have forgiven him beyond his understanding, Father. I rebuke the spirit of the devil that has a hold on his perception of himself, God. He is PRICELESS to You!!! That is Your son, God!!! He was worth every drop of blood spilled at Calvary, God. Jesus!!! We know You know his heart and how much You desire him to know Your love for him. Pour out over him today, God. That he may walk knowing that You are for him. If You are for him, who could be against him. You have Great plans for Your Glory Father though his life!!! A life that was spared and not by mistake, still here today. He has a place in Your Kingdom God!!! His seed has purpose God. You created him a seed maker and You have plans for that seed. Great things will come out of his seed, Father. Just because we don’t always understand why God, may we lean on Your understanding and not our own to know that You are God and to Yours be the Glory!!! When we go outside of Your will God, may you convict us to obedience, Father. When we take actions that pull us away from You, pull us out of our own will and line us up with Yours, Holy Father. We trust only in You, God!!! You first above all other things. We seek You above all things!!! We desire a relationship with You, God!!! We want to know You more!!! Thank You, God for keeping us close to You and showing us such mercy, Father. Thank You for Your will be done, God!!! We are touch by Your spirit Father and we desire to be pleasing to You, God. In everything we think, say, and do. We bless and Love You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!