Prayer 3/14/18

Holy Father of heaven and Earth. God we marvel at Your sovereign power over all of creation. We are in awe of Your magnificent being, Father. We know that there is nothing You can’t do. Nothing is impossible for Your level and magnitude of Greatness!!! God Your word says that You made a rock produce water and the heavens rain manna for Your people God. Wow!Things that we in the natural would not even consider as being possible. You have cleansed the unhealable lepors, God. We worship You this morning, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Lord, we come to you with open hearts, open minds, and open spirits ready to receive You this morning, Jesus. We are humbled in Your presence, Father. We desire to know You more over making more money, or reaching selfish goals, or over our pride and emotions, over anything else that would come between You and us, God. We come to You first God for guidance, understanding, strength, courage, faith, trust, humility, meekness, joy, and peace Father. We seek Your plans for our lives. We cast all of our cares, worries, dreams, desires, and hardships. We ask for a revelation of our purpose, God. We want to be about our Fathers business. Help us to grow into Your will for our lives. Heal us Father!!! We know that we sometimes struggle to give You everything in us, God. But You can get to things inside of us that we can’t get to or we don’t know how to. God, reach into us and pull out anything that is not of You. We let You in to remove these things that are only keeping us from where Your plans need us to be. We thank You now knowing You are able and knowing You will make a way where doesn’t seem to be one. God, we are at Your mercy. We submit our will to You God. May we be a reflection of You and us not be seeking self-righteousness. There is absolutely nothing good in us without You, Father. We are but sinners ready to destroy ourselves and others around us. Forgive us Father for our mistakes, harsh words, judgements, disobedience, addictions in the mind and body, anger, distrust, manipulations, selfishness, wordly desires, and hiding our light from the world. Thank You, Jesus!!! You desire for our lives to be salt and light in the world, God. We are to be a reflection of You through the Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your spirit, Jesus!!! God we want to be pleasing to You in everything we think, say and do. Control our tongues, Father. Show us how to only speak life into situations, people, and our circumstances. We are not people that doubt You, God. We know that in all things You are working and even in our toughest trials, we are trusting in You and believing in Your purpose to show us overcoming. Hallelujah!!! We have to go through it God, in order for us to over come it!!! The devil is a liar, an accuser, and a thief. He is trying to fill our heads with doubt and take away Your gifts in us, Father. We REBUKE HIM IN JESUS NAME!!! He has no place in our lives our families lives, or friends, Your children, Your Church, and the future generations through us that are not even here yet, Lord. We stand strong on Your word, knowing he has already been defeated and we are victorious through You, Jesus!!! Glory to God!!! Father we ask for You to make provisions in us to excel to the next level with You. We do not want to be stagnant, stale, or warm. Your word says You would vomit us out of Your mouth if we chose to do that. God, we repent right now for when we just sat and did nothing for Your Glory God. Forgive us, Father we have sinned against heaven and Earth. Lord, we today step out in faith know You will never fail us God and we pray for our hearts to be on fire for You!!! We want to have that fire continue to grow down in our souls where we can’t even contain Your Greatness through Your spirit!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! We don’t want Your light in us to be hidden. Show us how to put it on a table for everyone to see how Great You Are!!! Glory, Glory, Glory Father!!! Jesus, You are all we ever need and we bless and love You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! It’s in Your Mighty name we pray, Jesus. AMEN!!!