Prayer 3/15/18

All Powerful God of all creation. We come to You in praise, Father. We worship Your Holiest of Holies, Jesus!!! Glory to God!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! God You are beyond us in so many ways. El Shaddai!!! You have forged creation by merely opening up Your mouth and speaking it into existence. Glory, Father!!! You had but just speak and it was done in Your name. God, You are marvelous!!! You created man out of the dust in the Earth and You made it personal when You breathed life into us, Father. We became apart of You. Not just in creation, but You inside of us. God, we do not doubt Your ways and You as our God of Heaven and Earth. Lord we come in complete surrender to ourselves. We are not here to glorify in our own actions for there is none that we could ever do that would be of purpose or relevance, Father. We are not able to do anything of value or construction without You. You are the one that has blessed us with sight. You are the Creator that gave us breath. You are the wisest in existence and have blessed us with our minds, bodies and spirits. Glory to God!!! Father we are not but Your servents here to serve an Awesome God!!! Jesus!!! You came amoung us God to relate to what we go through as humans. You have served as we serve, You have cried as we have cried, You have endured beyond what we have endured. You understand our emotions, our feelings, and desires. You know what we go though walking a life day by day. Father we put all our trust in You and You alone. You are the one made Perfect in our inperfections. Your the one that is glorified in our brokenness. Glory!!! If we had no need for restoration we would not need a God to restore. A God to heal and rebuild us from the inside out. Mercy, Father!!! We need You Jesus!!! We need You in us to be able to do anything of purpose, through Your will be done, God. We are not able to be set apart from You no matter how long we run, how far we climb, how deep we go into the ground or ocean. You are larger than life itself and nothing is done in secret!!! Nothing is done with a blind eye!!! In You is life, truth, and deliverance. You are the very definition of Love, Father. We are only able to love because You first Loved us!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Help us to love each other as You love us, Father. Help us to grow in that love for Your purpose. Show us Your way, Lord Jesus!!! Break our hearts for what breaks Yours. Have mercy on us, God of Abraham!!! We need You, God!!! We need You!!! Rebuild us in Your purpose. Break us down, so we may be lifted up in strength and valor for You be the glory, Jesus!!! Our lives are not our own, they belong to You, Oh! Lord of Hosts!!! We are here for Your purpose and not our own. We are made perfect in our brokenness through You, Jesus!!! God we lift up BB and his family to You this morning. We know that You already understand the situation and the trails that are befalling them right now. We pray for Your hand to be over them, Father. Your word says they are not able to be snatched out of the Father’s hand!!! Praise Jesus!!! Grow them in love and unity, Lord. Show them Your plans and intent for Your will be done. We bless them Father with any provisions they may be in need of. We ask for healing in all areas of their lives. In body, mind, emotions, spirit, faith, love, trust, and hope. Give them hope in You God. Show them that nothing is without a purpose and You are the Lord of judgement. You will fight the battles of Your children, Father. You fight for each one of them. You are the Victor, Lord Jesus!!! You have already defeated anything that they are facing in their lives today and tomorrow. You have already brought all contention, anger, brokenness, pain, and destruction under obedience of Your word, God!!! There is nothing beyond You!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! Praise, God!!! We cry out to You, Father knowing that You hear us. Even when we are crying out in silence You hear us. Your word says that not even a sparrow can fall straight out of the sky and fall to the ground and You not know it. You provide for a sparrow and how much more You love Your children that You are faithful to provide for them. Thank You, Father!!! You were able to part the Red Sea to save Your people with a wooden staff. Glory to God!!! You are a way making God!!! You are able to make a way where there doesn’t seem to be a way!!! Thank You for doing that in their lives today, God!!! Thank You for breaking the chains on them today, Father!!! Thank You for the deliverence that is happening right now supernaturally, Jesus!!! Glory to God!!! Father, Father we are Yours!!! We are in You and You in us. We are in the world not of it, God!!! We are here for Your purpose and we surrender our will to You, God of the Universe!!! We bless and love You Lord with all our hearts, all our minds, and all our strength!!! In Jesus Precious name we pray. AMEN!!!