Prayer 3/22/18

Lord Jesus, we come to You today God. Ready to receive You more in our lives. We open our hearts, our minds, our spirits for You to reside in, God. We want You to consume us, Father. More of You and less of ourselves. We want to be pleasing to You God in everything we think, say, and do. We marvel at Your Greatness, Lord Jesus!!! You are the only one that is perfect!!! You are the only one worthy of all the glory honor and praise. Glory to God!!! Father we desire to walk with You. We want to know Your ways, Father. We want Your peace, joy, and love Jesus!!! We want to be the salt and light in the world through the love of Christ in us!!! Praise Jesus!!! Father we are sinners. We are inperfect. We struggle with our flesh and emotions. But You Jesus understand these struggles. You know our hearts Father and what we desire for our lives. We cast those on to You today!!! And walk out the blood of Christ, knowing we are forgiven, healed, renewed, and restored. Thank you, Jesus!!! We are a new creation in You, God!!! Hallelujah!!! We are going to make mistakes and fall. But we rise up in victory, Father and grab hold of You. We do not need to wallow in our inperfections. We stand strong and move forward with You, God. We have faith, knowing who You are and who You are in us. We are able to move mountains God with our faith in You. You word says if we had faith the size of a mustard seed, we could cry out to a mountain be thou removed and the mountain would get up and be casted out into the sea. Glory to God!!! God You are so Marvelous!!! We are in awe of You are our Lord and Savior and Father of Heaven and Earth!! We worship You today, God!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! We lift high the name of Jesus!!! We lift our voices to You God!!! Hallelujah!!! You have done the impossible and saved us from eternal damnation!!! Father!!! We cry out to You!!! Glory to God in the highest!!! God help us to be more like You. Remove anything in us that is not of You. God we call on Your name to bless Your son BB. I pray for him, Father. You are doing so many things in, with, and through his life Father. Thank You, God!!! We know You know his heart and You know what he has been struggling with. God we ask for You to give him a break through today. Grow him out of this old mind set and give him a new mind in You, God. Help him to grow into You through everything part of his heart, mind, and soul. We ask for any strong holds the devil may be holding or using against him to be broken today in the Mighty name of, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! The devil is a liar, and accuser, and a thief. He comes to steal and take away. We rebuke him in Jesus name!!! Father, we ask that You give him a sense of who he is in, You God. That he will not doubt what You have done for him and for him to know who he is. He is a blood bought, child of God that is precious beyond his comprehension!!! Show him the love You have so graciously given to him, Father. Pour out over him and anoint his head with oil Father. Do things in him that were not possible before. He is important!!! He is priceless!!! His life does have value!!! He has a purpose!!! Thank you, Jesus!!! God Your word says no weapon can be formed against us. That if You are for us, then who could be against us. You are God Almighty!!! Nothing is above You, God!!! Jesus, we know You are able to do all things and we pray for his family, for healing and restoration of their mind, heart, and spirit. We ask that You work in them God. We know You are a miraculous God and can do any and all things above creation. We ask for a supernatural restoration to befall on them today, God!!! We pray for the generations here and the ones to come, Father. We speak life into them today and everyday!!! You will be done, God!!! Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, that You are Lord of Lord and King of Kings!!! Glory to God!!! We praise You, Jesus!!! It us Your Mighty, Mighty name we pray today and thank You for already bringing about change and renewing of our hearts and minds today. Thank You, Jesus!!! AMEN!!!