Prayer 3/23/18

Father God we are here to praise You and bring You Glory. We worship You today, Father. Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Lord, You are incomparable to anything else we know. You are the only God that saves, Jesus!!! You are the only God who heals, restores, replenishes, regenerates, rebuilds, creates, and molds us. You are the everlasting God of all of Heaven and Earth. It’s You that we lift up high. We tear down anything in our lives God that is higher than You and if we put anything before You. Whatever that may be. We put You first God. Father we come to You with our hearts open, our minds renewed in You, and our souls longing for Your presence God. We want more of You in our lives. We want Your will to be done. We believe and trust only in You, Jesus!!! You are the Mighty Son of God!!! God we know who You are in our lives. We know that through You all things are possible and we can do all things through Christ in us. Praise the Lord!!! God, there is nothing that is out of Your hands Father. We place our lives in Your hands. We know that Your word declares that You plans are to prosper us and not for harm. You came to bring us life and that more abundantly. Thank You, Lord!!! We understand that we have to go through difficulties in order for us to grow in faith, trust, humility, and maturity. We know that even when we can’t see You working God, You are still working. Thank You, Jesus!!! Even when we are tired and weary, You are still working. The joy of the Lord is our strength!!! May we grow closer to You God and continue to meditate on Your Greatness and Mercies all the days of our lives. We have life because You so freely gave it to us. Our life is not our own, God. To You it belongs. We give ourselves to You. God we know You know our hearts and You feel our souls. We ask for You to come into our hearts and change us to be the children of God that You have purposed us to be. We don’t want to be foolish and do things on our own knowing that without You we can do nothing good and there is nothing good in us without You. We want to build our house on a solid foundation of rock, which is Your word God. We have to put ourselves in You first before very are able to serve the purpose for our lives and serve in other peoples lives. We want to be more loving like You God. More meek like You, Lord. More patience, gentle, and kind like You, Father. Grow us in love and unity. Father we lift BB up to You this morning. We thank You for his life. He is loved dearly and is treasured. God You are working good works in him and Your word says You will continue those works until the day of Christ. Thank You, God!!! Father we come asking for You to root down inside of him so strongly and so profoundly that it effects everyone and everything around him. That the Spirit Man that is inside him will radiate out of him as a lighthouse to the passing ships in the night. God You have Great plans for his life and we celebrate what You have already delivered him from and brought him out of. Hallelujah!!! God, his life is unlike any other life on this planet or even in this universe. He is uniquely made and designed for Your purpose. We ask for Your will to be done in his life and in his families life. I pray over them this morning Father, knowing that anything they are facing and going through with unhealthy emotions, mental sickness, addictions, loneliness, self destructiveness, hatred, bitterness, low self esteem, lack of a vision or purpose, or anything else that the devil is trying to instill in them that is not of You, Father. We rebuke that in Jesus Mighty name!!! Glory to God!!! The devil has no place in this family God!!! We pray for purpose, prosperity, a vision, self awareness, healing, and a renewing of their minds. Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You for being every answer we need and guiding us through the tribulations of our lives. We marvel at Your magnitude of power God!!! We bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray, AMEN!!!