Prayer 3/5/18

Magnificent God of heaven and Earth, we come to You with a open heart. We thank You, God for Your promises for our lives. We thank You for Your plans for us. We thank You for taking us out of the dark corners of our lives and minds and bringing us out into the light. Thank You Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! God we know that we can do nothing good without You. We desire Your guidance in our lives. We need You to help us be what You intend for us to be. We right now cast all of our concerns, worries, and circumstances on You, God. We know that You are in control of our lives and we freely give You control to grow us closer to You, Father. We desire Your presence, Lord. We want to know You more. We seek You first before anything else, God. We meditate on Your word, so You are able to reveal in us the meaning and understanding. We pray for clarity of Your will, God. We want to line up with Your path for our lives, God. May we be obedient and go when You say go, and do what You say do, God. We remove our will and accept the plans You have for our lives. Lord, we come to You knowing that You are able to work in all things, preform all things, and over come all things. We pray now, for You to make a way for our families, friends and for each other God. We know that there is something in ours and their lives that seems unmovable or seems hopeless God. But we know in our hearts that is a lie. We know that the devil is a lie and You are able to move in us so substantially that a radical change can take place to give You glory God. In a moments time, You can do anything. You work in faith, God. And we pray for faith so powerful that we are able to remove anything in our lives that we thought was inmovable, God. Your word says if we have but faith the size of a mustard seed, we could say to a mountain be though removed and cast into the sea and it would obey us. We pray for faith, understanding, clarity and progression, God. We pray for a deeper understanding of Your word and we stand on the power in us through You, to do any and all things accordingly to Your purpose. We rebuke all the lies that we have been told about ourselves that has our minds and hearts in the wrong place. We ask You now God to move our minds, spirit, and emotions to You. We are in the world, but not of it God. We desire Your kingdom and not the worldly pleasures of today. May we be pleasing to You Lord in actions, thoughts and deeds. Let us be the salt and light in the world that You intended us to be, God. We thank You for Your Grace and renewing mercy, Lord. We bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!