Prayer 3/6/18

Lord of all creation, we come to You honoring You, God. We give You all the glory, honor and praise, Jesus!!! We know that we would have nothing if it weren’t for You, God. We are Blessed!!! We would be in total darkness and consumed in sin. We know there is nothing good in us without You. No matter how we try, it would all be in vain. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! We know our lives are here with intent, structure, and a course of events. You already know what our purpose was before we were created in our mother’s womb. You knew us before we were brought to Earth, God. You are all knowing and omnipresent throughout existence. Praise Jesus!!! There is nothing that You do not know. We seek Your wisdom, Father. We submit our will to You!!! You are far greater than anything else in this universe, God. We come to You for help and restoration. You are the only one that can replace what the enemy has taken away in us. What holes in our hearts for what life has left us with. Pieces of us where we used to be whole. We ask for You to make us what You have intended, God. We know that You breaking us down and raising us up is a Father rearing His children. It is for our own good that we go through things and see the power of God in our lives. To see how faithful and glorious You truly are, God!!! Hallelujah!!! We are here because You have chosen us!!! Us, God!!! We have a divine purpose in You, God. Grow us into that purpose. Give us what Your plans have for us!!! We reach out and take it, God. In Jesus name!!! The devil has no place in our lives, our families, friends, and Your Church Holy Father!!! We know that You are our Deliverer!!! And Your Grace is more than enough for us to power through the situations, mind games, and circumstances of this world. Glory to God!!! We walk in victory over ourselves, negativity, worthlessness, dispare, loneliness, and sickness in our minds, emotions, and spirit, God. We seek You first, God!!! Above anything and everything else in this world. We ask for You to move in us God!!! We surrender to You!!! Our purpose is to bring You glory in all we think, say and do. Bless You, God!!! We are Your humble servants ready to fight the good fight!!! We Love You and thank You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!