Prayer 3/7/18

Lord of all creation, we come to You giving thanks, Father. For our lives, our salvation, our joy, and our strength in You. We bless You, Lord!!! We know that without a doubt in our minds there isn’t anything we could ever do to earn what You have so graciously gifted to us. God, we worship You as the only God of this world!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You for loving us beyond anything we can see with the naked eye. We desire to see a glimpse of what Your love looks like, Lord. We look for answers in Your word and we seek You in our hearts, Father. We cry out to You Aba!!! And You hear us O’ Lord. We desire Your presence in our lives, our families lives, and the company we keep around us. We bless Your church, God. Your Bride!!! We pray for the people that are out in other countries preaching Your word, God and ministering to people that have not heard the Mighty name of Jesus!!! We pray for courage, comfort, strength, provisions and endurance to serve out Your will for their lives. We love You, God!!! We serve no other God!!! There is no other God above You!!! Help us to not put anything above You, God. We seek You first, God!!! Help us to see what Your will intended for our lives. May Your hand be over us and this relationship. God, we pray for BB children Father. We know that You are the one that knows their direction, hearts, and desires for their lives. We pray knowing that You listen to us God. We pray for Your will to be done in their lives and for them to have an understanding of who You are and who they are in You, God. Grow them into wisdom. Help them to see in front of them and have good judgement for the path they choose for their lives. We pray for prosperity, love, knowledge, and understanding, God. We know that You will be with them as they journey into becoming a woman of God. We thank You now for Your protection, previsions, comfort, grace and mercy over their lives. We pray for the generations coming out of this family, God. We pray for them to be strong in faith and have the love of God in their hearts. We call on the Mighty name of Jesus to rebuke any addictions, strong holds, and works the devil may try to manifest in their lives. We thank You now, Jesus for the victory over any and all things not of God in their lives!!! We speak life into them God!!! For those that are hear and those that will come. Jesus we ask that Your hand be over this family and Your presence be apparent in their lives. Remove anything that is not of You, Father and bring them closer to know You are bigger than anything they have faced, are facing, and will face in their lives, Jesus. Give them the overcoming spirit of Jesus Christ in their lives!!! Praise, God!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! Our cup runs over God, in Your grace, forgiveness, mercy, and love!!! We are so blessed by You God. I am so blessed by BB being in my life, God. Continue to pull him closer to You. Guide him on his path to seeing the man You have intended for him to be. Give him the strength to go against himself for what You have planned for his life. May he be obedient to You and Your will for his life. We pray for healing and restoration is all aspects of himself. Supernaturally restore him to his place You have for his life, Father. We pray for wellness and wholeness in You God. We thank You Jesus!!! We praise You God!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!