Prayer 4/18/18

Lord of heaven and Earth. We come to You this morning ready to receive You more, Father. We are thankful for another day our lives can bring You glory, Jesus. Father we put all our trust in You and ask for our eyes to be open and for You to reveal in us our purpose. Father Your word says Your laws will be put on our hearts and written in our minds. And our sins You will remember no more. Glory to God!!! Hallelujah!!! Father we ask that You reveal more of Your word in us today. As we seek answers through You Jesus. Speak to our hearts that we may have a new revelation in You, Christ Jesus!!! That we will feel Your Spirits move in us today, Father. We are not sitting around thinking that Your purpose for our lives is for us just to exist. Your word clearly states, our lives are not our own to do whatever we wish. We seek answers in You today, Lord regarding this. Show us what it is that You have called us to do, Father. We are all so differently fashioned together. We don’t all possess the same gifts, attributes, means, or desires. God I know You can use all of us. I personally have seen You use a man that has been homeless many years with nothing more than the clothes on his back to reach out and give the hope of Christ to other people because he once was lost, but now he is found. Hallelujah!!! We don’t need to be rich for You to use us. We don’t need to be perfect for You to use us to reach out and touch someone else. Father, all we have to do is be willing. We just need to be willing to let You use us however that may be. God give us the courage to step out in faith knowing You can use us just as we are today. We don’t need more or less to be a servant of the Most High God. Glory, Father!!! There is no way for us to be perfect, but through You Jesus we are made perfect in Your Love!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Your love is unchanging and never failing!!! You love us even when we look in the mirror and don’t even love ourselves. Father I rebuke that mentality in the name of Jesus!!! We are loved by You and Your word declares nothing can separate us from Your love. Glory to God!!! Father, we ask that we see ourselves through Your eyes today. Let us see in ourselves what You see. That we may be whole in You. Knowing we lack nothing in You. We don’t need makeup, or new clothes, or plastic surgery to be more to You. That all we need is already in us, just as we are. We are Beautiful in Your eyes and You died for each one of us that we may have life and life more abundantly!!! HALLELUJAH!!! HALLELUJAH, FATHER!!! I am BEAUTIFUL!!! I am HANSOM in Your eyes, Father!!! You made me with such great attention and detail. Our imperfections are what make us unique and purposeful. Not all of us will be doctors, or lawyers, or singers, or Pastors of a church. But we are all important in what You have gifted us with and called us to do. Father, we surrender our will to You today and ask for a renewing of our mind to take over, in the name of Jesus!!! God we grab ahold of You knowing You will never fail us. We are weak, but through Christ we are strong!!! No weapon formed against us shall prosper!!! If God be for You, then who could be against You!!! All things are possible through Christ Jesus in us!!! Glory to God!!! Father we are Your children that are loved and cared for by You. We rebuke the devil trying to make us feel that we aren’t enough for You to love or enough for You to have intent with our lives. He is a liar, a theif, and an accuser!!! We are washed by the blood!!! Jesus You have made us new!!! Father we pray for BB today as he continues to seek Your word. We pray over him knowing that You have already answered this prayer, God. He needs You Father!!! He desires a relationship with You. Help him to grow in You and You in him. Reach out and touch him today that he can feel Your presence. You are a God that makes a way. You are a God that restores. You are a God that protects, heals, and strengthens. Give him peace today, knowing that You have already worked out the hard parts for him. He only needs to trust in You, Jesus. You are the way the truth and the life. We only need You!!! We lift up his family and we speak life into them, each other, ourselves, and Your children Father. You are all we need!!! God we bless and love You in Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!