They All Will

They all will make you cry
You have to keep, the twinkle in your eye

They all will make you sad
You have to remember, to be glad

They all will bruise your heart
You have to, save all the parts

They all will push you down
You have to get back up, and be strong

They all will stand in your way
You have to remember, how to pray

They all will watch you fall
You just have to remember, that’s not all

Seasons come, and seasons go
In your heart, you’ll always know

Don’t keep them here, because you need
If you make them stay, you’ll only bleed

Life isn’t about cheap romances
It’s all about second chances

For you to give, to yourself
A chance at more, than common wealth

A life to give and not to take
Does it really matter, who’s at the wake?

You hope people will love you more
The reality is, you’re mostly sore

Things hard to forgive
A life change, that’s hard to live

The decision is not hard
As long as you know, who’s you are

Jesus came, to give you life
Doesn’t mean, you won’t have strife

A new life, you will grow to love
Being thankful to the Almighty, God above

He will always be with you
That’s more than, the friends you choose

Just believe, and know in your heart
He will never leave you, His Spirit never part

God we know, that You are Love
Decend down on us, like a dove

Hold us close, and keep us near
It’s in Your name, it’s all so clear

Guide us Father, if we go astray
We give thanks, for a brand new day