Prayer 4/23/18

Jesus, we come to You this morning ready to receive from You. We are here expecting from You, Father. We praise You this morning for being a God that is fighting for us. A Victorious God that death could not even hold You. You conquered the grave!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Jesus You have done the work on the cross for us to have salvation, life, and Love through Your sacrifice!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! You have given up the most precious thing God, Your only Begotten Son!!! Thank You, Lord!!! We want to meditate on that this morning!!! We open our hearts to receive such a priceless gift today. It so easy for us to get caught up in our day to day activities and forget the cost for our life and salvation, Lord. We were dead in trespasses and sins. It was You that gave us life. There isn’t anything we can do good without You, Jesus!!! Not one of us, no matter what we could have done, could have ever been good. We were born in sin and we were dead in sin. Father thank You for giving us life!!! Our life belongs to You, Father!!! We desire to be about our Father’s business today and everyday. God I pray this morning, knowing that You hear us. That You are able to reveal in us, Your purpose for our lives. That our eyes would be open to see our gifts and see where You need us to step out in faith. You have brought us out of darkness and into the light. We seek You Father this morning. We want to understand You more. We put You first, Lord. We love You God, above all else, with all our heart, and all our mind, and all our soul!!! It’s You that has started a great work in us, and You will continue that work until the day of Christ!!! Glory to God!!! Father Your words declares, If we could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, we would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If we had the gift of prophecy, and if we understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if we had such faith that we could move mountains, but didn’t love others, we would be nothing. If we gave everything we have to the poor and even sacrificed our own body, we could boast about it; but if we didn’t love others, we would have gained nothing. Father resonate that on our hearts today as we strive to be better today then we were yesterday!!! Give us the ability to see You in all the things we are preforming in our daily tasks. Let us ponder and celebrate Your glorious splendor today, Lord Jesus and not be caught up just going through the motions of another day. Today is a gift from You and a chance at us giving You glory for that life. Father I pray for BB this morning, Lord. Knowing that You are already healing, restoring, and bring about Your purpose in him Father. I lift him up to You as his Father and as his counselor, Redeemer, and friend. You are there to walk with him every step of the way. Grow him in Your love today and show him what his life means to You, God. He lacks nothing in You, Jesus!!! Open up his eyes, his mind and his heart to receive You more today. Father I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ this morning. Knowing that You know their needs before I can even ask. I stand on that truth and pray for the things they require answers and guidance on. I pray for supernatural healing and restoration of their mind, body, emotions, heart, and soul today Jesus!!! There is nothing You can’t do Father!!! We submit every worry, every thought, every situation to You, in Christ Jesus!!! We bless and love You Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty we pray!!! AMEN!!!