Prayer 4/24/18

Lord of all existence, we are humbled in Your presence this morning, Father. We are grateful for another day our lives have an opportunity to bring You Glory, Jesus!!! We worship You this morning. Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! You Jesus, are worthy!!! We celebrate our salvation through, Christ Jesus!!! We lift up our voices to You, shouting in victory for what You have already overcome for us today!!! Thank You, Lord!!! We seek You in Your word this morning, God. We ask for You to open up our spirits, that we may know Your purpose when You call us, Father. You have already set us apart in You, Jesus. We are not here by mistake. Our paths that we went down was not in vain. You have purpose in everything we have gone through, seen, experienced, felt, and delt with. We thank You for the purpose for those struggles Jesus. We thank You for the trails and experiences, even the ones that were hard and painful to endure. You have made us stronger and wiser through those times of hardship. We grew faith in You, trusting we were coming out. We are needing to hear Your voice, Father. We desire a relationship with You, that You might continue to reveal the purpose of our lives in You, Jesus. We accept our lives, just as they are. We admit our faults and wrong doings. We confess our pain for circumstances we didn’t get to choose. Father, You have paid the price for my suffering. I no longer have to walk around feeling used, unloved, hurt, discarded, abandoned, and that feeling that my life today doesn’t matter. I rebuke that mentality in Jesus Mighty name!!! Dear God of the Most High!!! I know that You have loved us more than we are willing to admit to ourselves. We have come so used to the negativity and comfort of our dark thoughts that we are afraid to come into the light. Just like when we are in the dark to long and someone flicks the light switch on, and our eyes hurt because they haven’t had a chance to adjust to the light. I call us out of darkness today, Father. We can endure the pain of coming into the light!!! Of bringing everything with us into the light!!! The devil has no place in Your blood bought children, Jesus and I rebuke him and his cunning antics, in Your name Jesus!!! Trying to convince us that we are not wanted to step out for God to use us. Father reach out and touch us today!!! We believe and trust only in You Jesus!!! We reach out and grab Your hand today!!! We reach out knowing that Your love is unfailing and as Your children, You will never leave us or forsake us. Glory to God!!! Your grace is more than enough for us to get up and fight for what You have called our life to be!!! Glory to God!!! We want a new life, in You Jesus!!! We are tired and weary, worn out and stressed. But Your word declares that we have rest in You, Father. Matthew chapter 11 verses 28-30 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” We stand on that truth today, Father. We are courageous!!! We are bold to fight!!! Our lives matter to You Lord Jesus!!! That’s why we are still here!!! That’s why You gifted us another day to open our eyes and get out of bed and walk out that purpose. We are not blind to each other, Father. Help us to be a gentle hand and a kind word to everyone we come in contact with today. May we be a blessing to them and a ray of sunshine and hope that they are not alone and unseen. We see them and You love them. Through Your love in us, we can love them too. Your word states we are only able to love, because You first loved us. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! You are the definition of Love!!! Jesus!!! May we grow that love to shine as salt and light in the world and not be hidden under a bushel. If each one of us believes we can touch someone and make a difference, this world would be a better place, Jesus!!! We cast all our worries, desires, needs, and anything else we have no control over today on You, Father. We pick up our cross and we follow You, today. It’s Your will we pray done in our lives!!! Not our own!!! We bless and love You, Father!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!!