Prayer 4/26/18

Miraculous God of the universe. We marvel at Your powerful strength and astonishing mercy and Grace Father. We come to You with a grateful heart and praise that will ever be on our lips for what You have delivered us from, Jesus. Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! We have life through You that we would not have had, had You not sacrificed Your life so lovingly for Your Bride, Your Church, Your children Lord. Thank You, Jesus!!! We are humbled at Your cross, knowing it was our sins that were being forgiven, that are forgiven. With Your last breath, laying down You life. Jesus!!! We cry out to You with gratitude so great at a price so high!!! GLORY TO GOD!!! Thank You for bringing us back into relationship with You Father through the doorway of Jesus Christ!!! We know that You want relationship with us. God I ask You to reveal in each person that reads this prayer today for them to see Your caring, nurturing, protecting, ever present, and love unlike anything we can compare it to. You are meek and gentle. A patience and correcting Father of all creation!!! You desire our hearts!!! We only have one, because of You giving us one. And when Jesus died for us and we accepted Him into our hearts, You gave us a new heart. A heart that has Your guiding Holy Spirit, our helper. We can never undo what You have done for us. There is no where we can go that could separate Your love from us. Hallelujah!!! Holy Father, I reach out and grab that love today!!! I reflect on how much You have done personally in my life. How many times You saved me and corrected me to be where I am today. From things I could see, and things I couldn’t see. Glory to God!!! You brought me out of complete darkness and dispare. A very true reality for my life, but also for so many other lives. But You didn’t give up on me God. You kept pursuing me. No matter how many times I kept doing the same mistakes over and over. No matter how many times I looked up to heaven screaming in agony for another life, another way. Cursing You, through Your creation of my life. The life I didn’t want to have anymore. I wanted to end it all. It would have been easier for everyone else, if I wasn’t here to hurt them. Why did You save me Father? Why am I still here? Nobody wanted me!!! My family washed their hands of me. Why do You want me?…God doesn’t see Your mistakes anymore. He doesn’t see all the times You choose to do the same thing, knowing it was wrong. God doesn’t see punishment when he looks at Your life. He sees LOVE!!! A love that had Him give up the most priceless thing in heaven. His son Jesus Christ that was to break the sin, the curse, of man so He could see the Love He had when we were in fellowship with Him. When He put His hands to create everything about You. Down to each birth mark or mole on your body. So carefully placed, with exquisite detail. Like a master artist, in the zone of creating there prized work. That was God’s hands creating each one us!!! Using His own breath to give You life!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Father!!! The family You have here isn’t where you came from. His word declares He knew You before your mother knew You. You have a Father that is above Your family here. Understand that His love goes beyond pain, agony, suffering, sickness and hardships this life has for you. Because nothing we could have gone through would even slightly compare to an innocent lamb taking the sins of You and I and laying that life down, so You could been seen in LOVE!!! There are so many things I could use to try and show You how innocent that sacrifice was. Like if You were going to die in a matter of hours and an innocent child died had to give You their organs so You could live. It may look different in your mind, but it was beyond a selfless sacrifice. Jesus Christ was just that. Innocent, blameless, and perfect in everyway we couldn’t be. I pray that You see that in a renewed Spirit and fully take ownership of that “new life” you have in Jesus today. Father I lift up my brothers and sisters in Christ to You. Open their hearts, spiritual eyes, and minds today. That they may strive to see You more God. You are more amazing then we could ever even imagine!!! Glory to God!!! We know that everything we see and touch came from You first. You created this world we live in and You gave us life that we might have relationship believing and trusting only in You, Lord!!! You have a purpose for everyone here and You are not a God of mistakes. You can work in all things!!! You have provided all things for Your children!!! You are a provider, a healer, a counselor, a restoring Father, a renewing God, and a forgiving Savior!!! Jesus we worship You this morning!!! Glory to God!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We bless and love You Lord!!! Thank, You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!! AMEN!!!