Prayer 4/27/18

Heavenly Father, we thank You for another day that our lives can bring You glory, God. We worship You this morning, Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! You are the only God we serve. God we come with an open heart this morning to receive Your goodness, mercy, love, and healing. Father, I ask that You open the mind, heart, soul, and body of Your children this morning so they can feel Your presence in their life. Move Your spirit in them that they may learn to hear Your voice and realize their purpose in You, Father God. Jesus, we know that Your helper is apart of us. Your Holy Spirit resides in us, fully equipped to help us each individually for what we need help with, where are struggles are, and where we lack with life that has taken away what we once had. Jesus, I pray this morning that we will know that You have given us everything we need to be who we are, in Christ Jesus. Your word says comes as you are. There isn’t anything we can do to be more prepared to accept our callings in You, then just to come. Father I stand on Your truth that faith can move mountains and I pray knowing that You are a God of impossibilities!!! You are a God with resurrection power!!! Hallelujah!!! You are a God of Heavenly Fire, Lord!!! You are a God of angles and spiritual creatures of war!!! God I ask that everything provision we need be met, every part of our emotions be renewed, every cell in our body come alive, that anything in our mind that is keeping us from knowing You more, be removed in the Mighty name of Jesus today!!! Today is made new in You, Jesus!!! We stand on that knowing that our God can do all things!!! We can do all things through Christ in us!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Jesus You have restored what was lost in us this morning. Thank You!!! I pray for Your children, Father. That they may know You more. That what the devil has tried to contort or misuse in their mind and hearts be cleansed this morning. They are Yours and You knew them before their mother knew them. You know everything about them. You know where they need restoration and life. I thank You now Father for answering my prayer this morning!!! God I pray for our parents. I pray that the strongholds of the devil in their lives be loosed today, Jesus!!! No addiction, no emotional distressed, no sickness in their bodies is allowed to reside in them today. I pray in Jesus name they be healed all throughout their physical body, their spiritual awakening manifest today, their emotional turmoil be terminated, and I rebuke this mentally that things, or drugs, or manipulations, or people, or places they go to, are going to give them back anything that could make them feel whole. Father You are the only thing that can make them whole, Jesus!!! Father I cry out to you knowing You are a God that gives and a God that takes away. I ask You to remove anything in them and in their lives that is not of You and I ask that they are complete in You, Jesus today!!! You are the answer, the wholeness they need today!!! I pray that knowing and believing You hear me and You will deliver them!!! Mighty God of Creation!!! Father I place them in Your hands today. God, I thank You for being more than enough for whatever they may need in Jesus name!!! God I pray for You to move mountains in our lives today. There are so many things that have been taking up space where we can’t see the path You have laid out for us. Give us a vision this morning, Father. I pray that we are able to manage our time better for You to come first in our life, God. We get so wrapped up thinking we are giving You what You deserve out of our lives, God. I pray that we continue to seek You in everything we do, Father. That we remember You are first above anything else. We will not be to tired to praise You. We will not be to weak to move for You, Father. That we will use what You have blessed us with for Your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven Jesus. Our daily bread is us feeding on You Father. Your words says You have no part with us if we will not eat of Your flesh and drink of Your blood. We partake of You this morning Jesus!!! We dive into Your word today, seeking You and to be more in You!!! We are Your children and You are our master. Your word says Your sheep know Your voice, for You are their Shepard. We hear You Father!!! We come when You call. We follow no other voice!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You, Father!!! Thank You, Lord and Master!!! We bless and love You Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!